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Friday, October 26, 2007

Bharat sharing his personal experiences

Actor Bharath is one of Kollywood newest heart throbs. Starting with his part in director Shankar's `Boys' to the latest `Em Magan', he has done a variety of roles in Malayalam and Tamil. The dancing hero talks about his entry into films, his experiences after he entered the field, and forthcoming ventures.

I am a fun loving person. My motto in life is `Live for today, work for today and be happy.'
I studied in DAV School and did B.Com in New College, Chennai. I wanted to do higher studies in dance, or if that was not possible I wanted to join an MBA course. Everything changed when director Shankar saw my dance at Music Academy. I must thank B.R. Prassana Kumar of Swingers, who made me dance in that show. I was selected to act in `Boys'. I was happy to be launched by him, but after that I knew I must take care of my own career.

Till now I have done a dozen films, including Malayalamfilms: `Boys', `4 The People', `Chellame', `Yuvaseena' in Telugu, `Kadhal', `February 14', `Azhagai Irukkirai Bayamai Irukkirathu' and `Pattiyal' to name a few. I have acted for Sathya Jothi films in `Em Magan', which is running successfully in theatres now, and for Deepavali it is going to be `Chennai Kadhal', directed by Vikraman.
I am happy that my career is shaping up, and that I am moving in the right direction. `Boys' gave me a name, and the people know Bharath from the Tamil film `Four Students' (`4 the People' in Malayalam) through my dance movements in the movie and mainly because of the songs `Lajjavathiye' and `Annakkili'. `Chellame' showed my acting talent, and `Kadhal' is a milestone in my career. The last film showed that as a single hero I could carry off a film on my own. And now, `Em Magan' has proved that I can be a part of a big family-oriented movie and pack a powerful performance. I do not want to leave out my other films as they too showed my skill.
My forthcoming films are `Chennai Kadhal' and `Veiyil'. I am doing a different role in `Chennai Kadhal'. In fact, it is a totally different film, not only for me but also for director Vikraman. He is known for his family dramas. But, `Chennai Kadhal' is an out-and-out action film. The next release will be `Veiyil'. I want to act in good and successful films and prove that Bharath can give box office hits.
Among actors I like Vijay and Ajith as they are commercial heroes. I have a soft corner for Ajith, as he has had no godfather in the film industry like me and has still managed to come up in an amazing way. He is an inspiration not only to me but to others as well. , I also like Simran and Jyotika.
As an upcoming hero, I would like to do four to five films a year. This would mean that one of my films would be released every third month. I will then remain permanently in the minds of the people.

I thank all my producers, directors and technicians who gave me an opportunity to work with them.
Success makes me truly happy. But, I also have a fear, and keep asking myself, "What is the next [movie], and will it click with the audience?" I have taken acting as my career and I need to stay here permanently. I have always wanted to be a producer's hero, or shall we say director's actor.

Monday, September 24, 2007


Born on July 21st, 1983 is a Kollywood actor.

A trained dancer by profession,his luck brought him into movies.

He debuted in Boys directed by S. Shankar. The film was a musical hit and it fared well in box-office. He then acted in the remake of the Malayalam film 4 the people, 4 Students which was a musical hit and was a blockbuster in Kerala. One of his recent movies Kaadhal by debutant director Balaji Sakthivel (who was an assistant of S. Shankar) and Produced by Shankar was a blockbuster of the year. Kaadhal was well received everywhere and his performance as the naive but sweet lover was highly praised. His filmPattiyal, brought him even more great recognition for playing a dumb and deaf lover. His latest releases are Chennai Kadhal and Veyil both released on December 8, 2006. He has received great accolades and the film is a hit. He was also a part of Mani Ratnam's stage show, Netru, Indru, Naalai.

His next projects are Killadi directed by Salem A. Chandrasekharan , Nepali, directed by Dhurai, and Pazhani with director Perarasu. Bharath's forthcoming Tamil release Killadi is going to be dubbed in Telugu too.

His movie Veyil has been selected for screening in the ’Tous les Cinemas du Monde’ (All the Cinemas of the World) section at Cannes Film Festival. The movie was screened at 6.30 pm on May 19.


Emdan (2006) - Krishna
Veyyil (2006)
Azhagai Irukirai...Bayamai Irukirai (2006)
Pattiyal (2006) .... Selva
February 14 (2005)
Kaadhal (2004) .... Murugan
4 Students (2004) .... Vivek
Chellamae (2004)
Boys (2003) .... Bob Galy/Babu Kalyanam


Upcoming Films


Director - Thirumurugan
Music By - Vidhya Sahar
Staring - Bharath, Gopika, Nasar, Saranya, Vadivelu

Director - Vasanth Balan
Music By - G.V. Prakash Kumar
Staring - Bharath, Bhavana, Shreya Reddy, Pasupathy

Azhagai Irukirai...Bayamai Irukirai
Director - Vijay Milton
Music By - Yuvan Shankar Raja
Staring - Renuka Balan, M.S. Baskhar, Bharath, Mallika Kapoor, 'Super Good' Lakshmanan

Director - Vishnuvardhan
Music By - Yuvan Shankar Raja
Staring - Arya, Bharath, Pooja Umashankar, Padmapriya, Janakiraman, Cochin Hanifa

Director - Hosimin
Staring - Bharath , Renuka Menon , Vadivelu , 'Pyramid' Natrajan


Director - Balaji Sakthivel
Music By - Joshua Sridhar
STARING: Bharath, Sandhya, Sukumar, Saranya and Meenakshi


Director - Jayaraj
Music By - Jassie Gift
Staring - Bharath, GopikaNaren, Arun, Padmakumar, Pranathi


Director - A. R. Gnahi Krishna
Music By - Harris Jeyaraj
Staring - Bharath, Vishal, Reema Sen, Vivek

Director - S. Shankar
Music By - A.R. Rahman
Staring - Bharath, Siddarth, Nakhul, Srinivas, Manigandan, Genelia D'Souza, Vivek